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Stash-it started out as a Luggage Valet system for Airbnb guests staying with Wrigleyville Oasis in Chicago, Illinois.  In 2022 The Chicago Cubs asked if we could provide our service for Cubs and sports fans who want to see the city and have a good time around the ballpark and in Wrigleyville. Since then it has become a safe haven for bags and umbrellas during games and concerts and is now growing into something more.

At Stash-it, we believe it is our duty to take care of your belongings so that you can enjoy your urban adventure with less worry and, you guessed it, less baggage. We offer our classic luggage storage option, called Stash-it, to Cubs fans and anybody visiting our great city of Chicago. Now take advantage of our pick-up and drop-off services with Stash-it PLUS and Stash-it & Dash-it. So, no matter what your needs are around Chicago, here at Stash-it, we vow to make your day just a little bit lighter.

Family in Airport
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